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Wacky Dungeon

Whack your way to glory in this action-packed, crazy RPG! Fight interactive battles against the weirdest of enemies and construct your own strategy by using a selection of pets, 51 different items and 22 skills to clear 60 challenging missions! Wackiness ensues!

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Magic Paint Pop

An aspiring artist is lacking inspiration and needs your help to find it once again! Pop pearls and use mystical recoloring powers to overcome varying challenges during the fun-filled quest that follows! Will you be able to master the use of your palette in all 27 levels?

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Gem Slide

A clueless pig tourist has gotten lost in the mountains and come across a mysterious garden full of gems… And now he is in need of your help to carry out his plans! Gem Slide introduces a fresh twist to the common ‘match 3’ mechanic: Instead of swapping the places of 2 gems, you can slide rows and columns to match the precious jewels! This novelty challenges even the most experienced ‘match 3’ fans to use their mind in new ways! Do you have the wits to think your way through all the 36 levels?

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Marble Wizard

Drag and drop stacks of magical orbs to combine them with each other! This game adds an innovative twist to the common ‘match 3’ mechanic, providing a fresh challenge to even the most seasoned puzzle game fans! Is your thinking sharp enough to clear all the different challenges in 36 levels?

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Blocky Cats

Blocky cats have lost their way and need you to guide them! When you swipe on the screen, all cats will move in the same direction. Take advantage of the shape of each level and solve puzzles by piling cats on top of each other, placing them on switches, sending them through teleports, and much more!

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Farm Panic

All farm animals have managed to escape from their barns and now it’s up to you to get them back! Drag and drop animals back to their barns quickly before they manage to run away, and score a lot of points by building chains and taking calculated risks! How many animals can you rescue before the time runs out?

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Gravity Zero

In a zero-gravity environment, the only way to move is to pull yourself towards hungry gravity wells and have them spit you out. Make use of this innovative mechanic while avoiding the dangers of space! Can you beat all 30 levels and gather all the space shuttle pieces?

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